Digital pass and wallet solutions to boost your commerce

Loyalty Cards

Provide a unique, app-less, personalized loyalty experience that encourages customers to collect points, redeem promotions, and spend more.

Coupons & Vouchers

With paperless promotions in the mobile wallet, digital coupons and vouchers enable you to drive sales, build product awareness, and increase customer lifetime value.

Digital Ticketing

CheckPoint is a digital ticketing and access management solution that streamlines registration and check-ins, while allowing you to drive engagement at every touch point.

E-Gift Cards

Easy to distribute and even easier to redeem, e-gift cards help maximize in-store traffic, increase purchase volume per customer, and drive sales.

Membership Cards

Digital memberships help every member feel valued and engaged throughout the customer journey; before, during, and after each visit or purchase.

Stamp Cards

Replace your paper stamp card with a digital stamp card to personalize engagement and gain valuable insights to understand, segment, and convert customers with a single tap.

Digital ID Verification

AltID is a digital age and ID verification solution providing autonomous, secure, and easy to use identity verification.


Launch giveaways to personalize engagement and gain valuable insights to understand, segment, and convert customers with a single tap.

Proof of Insurance

With digital proof of insurance, global insurers have ease and speed in delivering seamless customer experiences through the mobile wallet.

HR Management

Deliver an improved experience with employee information, business cards, time-off requests, pay stubs, insurance info, and more in one convenient place.

Health Administration

Bring everything your patients need into one place so that they can book appointments, automate reminders, receive test results, and more.

Explore More Use Cases

From transport cards to stamp cards, transform the customer experience with a pass for every use case. Can’t find a fit? Contact us for a custom solution.

Store cards, event tickets, coupons and membership cards on your customer’s smartphone

Works with iOS and Android!

Use the most widely supported native apps to provide mobile passes to your customers. Pass2Wallet automatically recognizes the operating system of a user and always provides the best experience for the system used.

This is the best way to connect with your users on their smartphones!

The Apple Wallet app is pre-installed on every iPhone since iOS 6 which means that almost 100% of iOS users have it on their phone.
If users are using Android we offer them the most convenient way of saving the pass on their device.

Direct communication with your customers

Update the passes when they are on your customer’s smartphone and notify customers about changes any time!
Wallet passes can display notifications based on the location and time you define or when you change the content of a pass.

Membership management can be engaging, too! Use personalised cards for your members or employees.
Offer attractive coupons and update the contents anytime.
Store cards
Build lasting relationships with your customers using engaging loyalty programs.


Push Updates
Change the content of your Wallet passes after they have been saved on your customer’s Smartphone and offer up-to-date information.
Mobile app to validate passes
Using the Pass2Wallet companion app for pass issuers you can validate Wallet passes using your own iOS or Android device. Info about the scans can be downloaded online.
Visual editor
Pass2Wallet includes a visual editor that shows you directly in your browser what the Wallet pass will look like on Smartphones.
Location and time-based notifications
Add messages to your Wallet passes that will be shown on your users lockscreen if he reaches a certain location or time.
Landing pages
Using personalized landing pages your customers can create their Wallet passes themselves – and you’re generating more leads!
Social Media
Every Wallet pass you create with Pass2Wallet is automatically optimized for social networks and can be shared easily.
Sell Wallet passes
Using the landing pages on Pass2Wallet you can sell Wallet passes using Stripe (credit card), PayPal and Sofort banking.
API and Zapier
Integrating your own systems is a breeze using our API or the Zapier app we’ve created for you.

Use Pass2Wallet to create digital Wallet passes for your customer’s smartphones and distribute them via Email, SMS, Social Media or landing pages. You can deliver news to your users anytime using the push notification feature that is built-in in every Wallet pass.

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