Pass Prices

We love keeping things simple when it comes to pricing and cost. That is why we have

  • NO setup fees
  • NO monthly fees
  • NO minimum fees
  • NO lock-in contracts – we believe our product speaks for itself and you can cancel any time
  • UNLIMITED push notifications and card updates included
  • ONLY pay for active monthly passes – only for passes that have been added to a user wallet and you can message them
    (it is pretty much performance-based only as only when users add the pass to their wallet you do have to pay for it)

Prices for an active pass and month start as low as $0.01/day – you cannot get direct user engagement any easier and cheaper. The more active passes you have the cheaper it gets!

Depending on your individual circumstances we can provide you individual pricing. Our solution is not off the shelf but tailored towards your specific needs – and so is pour pricing.

To get your individual pricing please get in touch with us – this is not a one size fits it all solution, so we wanna get it right before you throw prices at you.