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We have 30+ years of combined retail and online experience. This has lead us to launch BoostCommerce and our cutting edge Pass2Wallet SaaS product.

We have seen first hand how important a direct line of contact to your customers and members is – and Pass2Wallet allows exactly this in an unprecedented way.

We have an office in the Gold Coast and our goal is to offer mobile marketing with modern technology. First and foremost we do this by distributing mobile wallet passes to the wallet apps on iOS or Android. We support you in “walletising” your marketing campaign. Existing marketing tools can be easily and quickly supplemented with the Wallet passes. Create new campaigns with our help and connect with your customers using their smartphone. High user acceptance? Sure, if the campaign is well thought out and structured. We support you with this.

We accompany you during the implementation of your advertising campaign, your Wallet strategy or the app strategy combined with Wallet. Take advantage of our experience in user onboarding for mobile marketing campaigns and trust in the potential to always be in direct contact with your customers thanks to Wallet passes. We think outside the box, conceptualise “down to earth” strategies together with you. The focus is on what is feasible. You already have an agency you trust? Very well, we complement your team and are happy to be an alternative thought leader on the way to winning, inspiring and retaining customers. We offer you mobile marketing know-how for your modern campaign strategy.

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Dan, Nathan, and Holger

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